5 Reasons to Avoid LegalZoom for your Arkansas Bankruptcy

Avoid LegalZoom

The Flynn Law Firm wouldn’t be the first bankruptcy lawyer to look questionably at, and advise you to avoid, LegalZoom, an Internet-based legal services company offering low rates for seemingly complete services. You’ll see the media in general treat LegalZoom as a Silicon Valley doll beloved by all, allowing Main Street Americans to access cheap legal services without the help of…

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Bankruptcy Terminology Glossary with Definitions

Bankruptcy Terminology Glossary and Definitions

Bankruptcy Terminology can be confusing and frustrating even for fellow lawyers that don’t typically work inside the field. To non-attorneys, it can come across as straight gibberish! Below is a list of commonly used terms with their definitions as they apply to bankruptcy cases. For more information on Bankruptcy Terminology and the Bankruptcy Process, visit here: http://bankruptcyofarkansas.com/what-is-bankruptcy/.…

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