Estate Planning in Arkansas

Estate Planning

What comes to mind when you thing of Estate planning? Dreaming of a sprawling manor and multiple properties? The word “Estate” becomes synonymous with wealth and luxury. However, did you know that you most likely have an estate too? An estate, in the legal sense of the word, can mean things you own like cars, your humble home, properties, retirement funds, and even that expansive iTunes collection of movies. You may laugh, but we have seen it all!

While you may have an idea of how you would like to divide your assets after your passing, unless it’s written in a legal document, you will not have control over the matter later. Your survivors and courts will squabble and divide assets. That is why it is vital you take proactive steps to protect your estate and your family.

What can we assist you with today that will help you plan for tomorrow?

  • Estate Planning
  • Living Wills and Trusts
  • Managing assets in case of your incapacitation
  • Legally protecting your personal & business interests and assets
  • Finding ways to avoid probate court processes
  • Ensuring assets are handled by designated individuals

It is never too early to get started planning for future happenings. Tomorrow is not promised to us. An estate plan can help you control what will happen to your assets and property in the case of an emergency. By working with the Flynn Law Firm and preparing today, you can rest easy knowing that your interests will be handled in the case that you become incapacitated or pass away.

Attorney John Flynn can help you with your future. We invite you to call (501) 843-8886 today to discuss your fears, anxieties, and concerns. The Flynn Law Firm will take the time to understand your goals so that we can provide customized plans specifically suited to your unique needs. You are more than just a case number. Contact our firm for a free consultation.